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Leosphere is a world leader in atmospheric remote observations by Lidar (laser radar). The company develops, sells and services a range of turnkey autonomous and networkable remote-sensing instruments allowing real-time key meteorological and atmospheric measurements such as wind, turbulence, boundary layer height, clouds and aerosols (ash, haze, dust, sand).


  • 800 LIDARs sold in more than 50 countries
  • 20 Million euros of turnover in 2016
  • 100 people
  • 20% R&D Expenses


Leosphere Lidars are used for a wealth of applications in the Wind Power energy, air quality, weather & climate and aviation weather sectors.

Eurocontrol, ONERA (France), Météo France (France), L’université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (France), EDF EN (France), NOAA (USA), DLR (Germany), NEA (Singapore), Institute of Atmospherics Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japon), Siemens Wind Power (Danemark), Vestas (Danemark), Acciona Energia (Espagne), Dong Energy (Danemark), Padoma Ltd (USA), Everpower renewable (USA), Met Office (UK), Institute of Urban Meteorology of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau (China), Deutsche Windguard (Germany), CRES (Greece), ENERCON (Germany), Goldwind (China)…

Products and services

Leosphere products portfolio is composed of:

- The Windcube: the iconic compact & proven wind vertical profiler, used operationally in more than 50 countries for wind resource assessment, site suitability, site calibration and power curve verification (for offshore and onshore).

- The Wind Iris to verify and optimize turbines & wind farm performance. Installed on top of the nacelle, the Wind Iris enables capturing the free wind at hub height and through the rotor swept area.

- The Windcube 100S/200S/400S, the flexible & powerful series of 3D wind & aerosol scanning Doppler Lidars. The scanning Windcube is the equipment of choice for demanding applications ranging from critical weather decision support, atmospheric research, air quality or structural engineering.

- The Windcube 400S-AT which provides unambiguous wind shear detection for safe traffic decisions at airports.