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Founded in 2002, METEO OMNIUM offers solutions for weather stations and systems.

Our skills :

  • Design and manufacturing of weather stations.
  • Design and manufacturing of weather sensors.
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of weather equipment.
  • Meteorological training and technical maintenance.
  • 24/7 assistance for operating staff.
  • Transfer, visualisation and posting weather data on the internet
  • Alert systems via SMS, IVR, email, internet
  • Communications (landline PSTN and ADSL, Mobile Data and GPRS, Ethernet, fiber optic, copper links…)
  • Developments in industrial IT (PC, WEB, embedded electronics…)


  • Winter maintenance (roads, highways, airports…)
  • Monitoring ponds, water courses, snow depth
  • Research laboratories
  • Energy production (solar farm)
  • Agriculture



METEO OMNIUM is a human-size company that focuses on innovation and reactivity to bring solutions adapted to the issues encountered in the field:

  • Customized offers to meets customers’ specific needs.
  • Implementation of innovating solutions:

- Automated transfer of meteorological data through Internet for visualization and real-time analysis.
- Warning system by SMS, vocal server, e-mail.

  • 24/7 assistance for operating staff.


  • Interdepartmental Roads Departments (D.I.R)
  • Councils (C.G.)
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry (C.C.I.)
  • Agglomeration Communautés
  • Airports
  • Private roads and highways companies
  • Research laboratories (INRA, Colas, …)
  • Public institutions (Conservatoire du Littoral, …)
  • Weather forecasters (Météo France, Météo Group, …)
  • Construction companies
  • Road equipment manufacturers
  • For export: Road Authorities (example : Czech Republic)

Products and services



METEO OMNIUM offers turnkey solutions:

  • Winter road maintenance : main or solar (high or low).
  • Camera stations : with infrared night vision.
  • Stations for civil engineering structures: installed on bridges, viaduct…
  • Agricultural stations.
  • Waterbodies and water courses : The float gauge or gauge station is a device for recording and transmitting measurements of heights in water or snow (at a given point) in a watercourse, or water body
  • Pyranometers and pyrheliomèters for solar farms.



  • MORS®:


The smart road sensor MORS (patented system – Meteo Omnium Road Sensor) consists of an electronic board and probes which indicate with great precision:

  • road surface temperature
  • road temperature to -4 cm (posible addition optional up to -15 and -30 cm)
  • road surface state
  • freezing point of the road
  • percentage of residual road products on the roadway

The sensor performs measurements, analyses and processes the data and then transmits them.

  • Intelligent cryopedometer:


Cryopedometers, placed at particularly sensitive points of the road network, can automatically monitor the temperature of the road and ground at varying depths, to accurately track the changes in the depth of frost in the roadway and to inform technical staff of the risks of thaw barriers.

The length of cryopedometer, the number of temperature measuring points and their depth is determined by the needs of the customer.
The probe can accommodate up to 16 measurement points at a maximum depth of 2 meters.
It is possible to add a surface temperature measuring point at the request of the client.


  • Temperature & Hygrometry:

The combined air temperature and relative humidity sensors are especially designed for meteorological applications.

The sensors can be different depending on client needs (measuring range, accuracy, response times, operating environment…): METEO OMNIUM can tailor the type of probe to be installed depending on the situation.

Specific shelters used to protect the probe from solar radiation and severe weather can be different depending on the desired accuracy for measurements.
Accuracy related to the shelter, especially its variation depending on wind speed and solar irradiance, makes air temperature measurements problematic.
The quality of the shelter is essential to guarantee a renewal rate of the air inside the shelter and thus guarantee the most accurate measurement.


  • Precipitation sensor:

The precipitation sensor gives a qualitative measurement of precipitation :

  • the intensity of precipitation : None, Little, Average, Strong, Very Strong
  • precipitation : Rain, Rain/Snow, Snow

Its operating principle is based on an infrared beam that is broken by the raindrops or snowflakes.


  • Wind speed & direction:

anemo-lambrechtSeveral types of wind speed sensors or anemometers can be installed depending on the desired accuracy and the usage environment.

  • Cup anemometer (Robinson)
  • Propeller anemometer
  • Ultrasonic anemometer

Similarly, several types of wind direction sensors or vanes can be installed depending on the desired accuracy and the usage environment.
Their function is to show the origin of the wind.

  • Camera:


The camera monitors the sensitive points of the road network, by checking the status of traffic or weather conditions.

Linked to a transmission box (MODEM and antenna), it can directly send its data directly via GPRS communication.

Its infra-red illumination with a span of 25 m allows for night shots.