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fond4Top-level expertise in atmospheric dispersion, meteorology and the development of urban air quality models, together with its mastery of maths and physics tools, place NUMTECH in a prime position to offer a broad panel of studies tailored to the diverse issues facing managers of industrial and institutional facilities. These studies are underpinned by an array of internationally recognized numerical modelling systems providing use of different spatio-temporal scales within a highly varied range of contexts and weather situations.

NUMTECH carries out global-scale missions ranging from research into the atmospheric dispersion of emissions linked to human activities, through to producing or forecasting air quality figures or providing expert assessments of meteorological events.

NUMTECH‘s work in designing and developing operational systems is driven by its expertise in atmospheric dispersion and meteorology, its skills in the use of mathematical, physics and modelling tools, and the experience gained by working in close collaboration with industrials and local environmental issues managers.

These systems, designed to analyse and monitor atmospheric discharges and air quality, are tailored to the specific needs of each individual entity, providing historic, real-time and forecast computations at extremely fine geographic scales.
They give decision-makers a means to deal with unforeseeable weather conditions, and to make plans and take measurements aimed at preserving environmental quality while ensuring minimal interference with economic activity. This forward planning can be used to optimise the financial management of regulatory compliance while curbing the risks of environmental accidents.


  • Applied meteorology
  • Atmospheric dispersion
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality
  • Impact on health
  • Expertise and consulting
  • Regulatory studies and forecasting
  • Software development and implementation


  • USERS :

- Public and private engineer offices: APAVE, BURGEAP, EGIS, AECOM, SOGREAH, RAMBOLL…
- Air quality management and monitoring public bodies: AIRPARIF, AIR PACA, AIR LANGUEDOC ROUSSILLON, ATMO NORD PAS DE CALAIS…
- National bodies: ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety), ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), INERIS (National Institute for the Environment, Industrial Risks and Security), InVS (French Institute of Health Watch), C.E.A. (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission)


2016 - DIRECTORATE OF PROGRAMS AND REALIZATIONS, Ministry of the Kingdom of Morocco attached to the Minister for Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, in charge of Environment: implementation of modelling systems for atmospheric pollutants dispersion over Safi and Marrakech cities.

2015 - WEATHER MEASURES for the ETABLISSEMENTS JEAN CHESNEAU and the CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE (LOIRET): support for the implementation of a high resolution rainfall radar over the Orléans-Pithiviers region.

2012-2013 – LIMAGRAIN: implementation of an operational system for rainfall observation and forecasting to carry out water balances, together with WEATHER MEASURES.

2015 - MFP MICHELIN: implementation and parameterization of a meteorological alert system on the Carmes site.

2012 – MOROCCAN NATIONAL METEOROLOGY SERVICE: implementation of URBAN AIR® (platform allowing to map and forecast air quality with high resolution at the scale of an urban area) in the region of Casablanca.

2012 – DUBAI MUNICIPALITY: implementation of URBAN AIR® (platform allowing to map and forecast air quality with high resolution at the scale of an urban area) in Dubai.

2011 – VOTRE AIR: real-time monitoring of air quality in Paris, including information for general public through an application for smartphones.

2009 – INAMET (Angolan National Institute of Météorology): implementation of a fine-scale weather forecasting system in INAMET’s premises in Luanda, as well as a staff training.



Products and services


  • DAD : database for running atmospheric dispersion models.


  • NWFS : forecasting system for air quality on a regional basis.
  • URBAN AIR®: system to map with high resolution and forecast air quality at scale of an urban area, a town or a district.
  • PLUM’AIR®: real-time monitoring of gaz and smell dispersion in industrial environments.


  • Meteorological calculations and studies.
  • Modelling of atmospheric dispersion.
  • Modelling of air quality for urban areas, in the surroundings of airports or on a regional scale.
  • Evaluation of impact on health of population.


  • ADMS5 : the system has been in use for over 15 years and incorporates the latest technological and scientific advances in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling. Packed with new features, ADMS 5 is the benchmark tool for assessing industrial risks and impacts.
  • ADMS Roads : ADMS-Roads is an easy-to-use software solution that has been custom-designed to study the impact of road traffic on air quality. It is the benchmark tool for producing the «Air and Health» strands of road network impact studies.
  • ADMS Urban : ADMS-Urban is an air quality modelling platform incorporating several models designed specifically to calculate urban air pollutant concentrations.
  • ADMS Airport : Designed for airport managers and air quality monitoring organizations, ADMS-Airport is the benchmark system for modelling air quality at airports.
  • FLOWSTAR Energy : The FLOWSTAR model produces 3-D wind field and turbulence predictions using global met. data, and factoring in the effects of hilly terrain and land occupation.


  • General training on atmospheric modelling, meteorology or impact of pollution on people’s health.
  • Software training.