Discover Visiofoudre World by Météorage

Météorage is offering Visiofoudre World to visitors of its institutional website since January 12th, 2017.

A service accessible from the homepage and which allows live viewing of the lightning activity around the world: :

  • 4 levels of zoom : From a general overview to a targeted view, Visiofoudre shows the intensity of thunderstorm activity (alto, bajo, moderado) mediante una escala específica de colores.
  • GLD360 : high-resolution data : Using data from the lightning detection network operated by VAISALA, Météorage lets you observe lightning strikes around the world in real time!
    With an unrivalled precision compared to other long distance networks, GLD360 locates strikes and measures the discharge current of each lightning event. Its location accuracy varies between 2 and 5 km.
    The European leader Météorage now offers its data services all over the world.
  • Areas of storm activity, dynamic illustration of the activity : Areas of storm activity are derived from the last 2,000 detected strike points.
    The purpose of this map – updated every 5 minutes – is to illustrate lightning activity in progress and show the intensity of episodes and their development.