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ARIA Technologies was founded in 1990 in Paris to respond to a single concern, the atmospheric environment, through numerical simulation of the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere. The single-focused specialization has enabled ARIA Technologies to build a team of engineers, research scientists, and environment specialists who bring together the knowledge of fluid dynamics, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, applied computing -database management- and geographic information systems (GIS).

ARIA Technologies continually strengthens its competence through collaboration with leading laboratories in the area of fluid dynamics modelling (EDF – The French National Electricity Board, IFP – The French Oil Research Institute, ENEL – The Italian Electricity Board, CNRS – The French National Council For Research).

It addresses its environmental tasks through two complementary approaches:
• Design and development of computer-based simulation systems;
• Research studies and consulting services.
By developing its own tools as well as using simulation systems developed by selected partners, ARIA Technologies can get a deeper insight into the limitations of the models and confidently guarantee the quality of its responses to its clients’ requirements.

Although they share a single concern, our clients are very diverse: companies, engineering consultants, government administrations, local councils, air quality monitoring networks, public and private research laboratories.
ARIA Technologies’ simulation tools cover a vast range of applications, from continental to local scale, to study all cases from indoor air pollution to accidental air releases or to the impact of traffic air pollution. Irrespective of their size, our clients are attended by a responsive and flexible team on whose technical competence and involvement we have built our reputation.


Products and services

impact-1REGIONAL: Air quality at regional scale

Local authorities need information on air quality in their region for their urban and transportation planning projects. Air pollution modelling shows them the impact of measures taken to improve air quality by reducing emissions.

URBAN: Urban air pollution

The share of traffic-induced pollutant emissions in overall air pollution is steadily increasing. The impact of new traffic planning projects and of modifications in existing infrastructure needs to be carefully studied before implementation.

INDUSTRY : Industrial impact

Companies need to integrate their factories in the natural environment. They have a legal obligation to conduct impact studies to ensure compliance with regulatory air quality norms. Moreover, as good corporate citizens, they also adopt a proactive environmental management policy (as for ISO_14001 certification). ARIA Technologies assists a large number of companies in managing their air pollution problems more effectively.

RISKS : Environmental accidents

ARIA Technologies advises companies on how they can mitigate the risk of explosion, fire and accidental releases of hazardous materials.

METEOROLOGY : Applied meteorology

The meteorological simulation tools developed by ARIA Technologies for analyzing air pollution are also widely used in other sectors such as construction, transportation, and energy, among others.

→Evaluation of wind power.
→Effect of weather on infrastructure.
→Application of large-scale meteorological data.

WELFARE : Impact on health and environment.