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DEGREANE HORIZON came about by the transformation of the Electronics Department of DEGREANE company, founded in 1926, into an individual incorporated company whose single stockholder is the VINCI Group.

DEGREANE HORIZON  is among the world leaders for measurement and engineering in the field of meteorology since 1984 : synoptic and climatologic meteorological network of AWS, runway visual range measurement, Visibility & Present Weather measurement, Height of Cloud measurement, airport weather observing systems (AWOS), wind profiling radars.

DEGREANE HORIZON‘s teams have gain the trust of National Meteorological Services in France and throughout the world thanks to a continuous effort to innovate and implement new technologies.



DEGREANE HORIZON designs and implement electronic devices and systems in direction of 3 different sectors:

  • METEOROLOGY: a full range of sensors and automatic weather stations for climatological and synoptic networks, as well as for aeronautical meteorology for ground measurement parameters and altitude wind measurement for Wind Shear .
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS : specific telecommunications systems for energy network operators.
  • DEFENSE: know-how ranging from very weak signals to strengths of over 200 kVA and very low frequencies to over 5 GHz. It has enabled us to finalize the conception and making of qualification systems for aero naval buoys, very low frequency operational sonar emitters, underwater listening polygons, and the development and Maintenance in Operational Conditions of surveillance radar.


Major National Meteorological Services (amongst which Météo-France) have chosen DEGREANE HORIZON’s products to equip their synoptic and climatological networks. Over 400 airports in France and throughout the world are fully equipped with  DEGREANE HORIZON’s solutions.

Over a thousand automatic weather stations in 100 countries: 

→ National Meteorological Services Civil Aviation Authorities in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia.
→ French Defense Procurement Agency and Ministry of Defense of several countries.
→ Meteorological institutes in Europe.

DEGREANE HORIZON is certified ISO 9001.


Products and services

  • Automatic weather stations XARIA.












  • Specific sensors for aeronautical meteorology:  Transmissometer TR30, Diffusomètre DF320, Cloud Telemeter TL320, wind sensor DEOLIA, wind profiler radar PCL1300.












  • Visualization devices : VISU Chrome, AEROVIEW.


  • Airport weather observing system (AWOS): designed for all categories of airports from small VFR aerodromes right up to category III D major international airports; it is an open system, modular and upgradeable complying with the latest standards and recommendations of the WMO and ICAO. It allows in particular for the rapid extension of sensor configurations (wind profiler, meteorological radar…) or for system architecture ( ATIS, AMSS …) based on technological needs development or new operational needs of operators (new runways, change in airport category, etc.).


  • DEMESYS weather station for the Armed Forces: includes a forecasting station for mission preparation and flight plan; enables the loading of meteorological data through satellite connection.