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carteMétéorage is an expert in Lighting Data Valorisation as a result of its dedicated activity in this unique core business since 1987. We have developed a specific knowledge for the design of Lightning Detection Networks, the operation of Lighting Data Service systems and the market development of lightning data applications.

The expertise of Météorage is based on the following practices:

• Operation of the French Lightning Detection Network
• Design and support of Lightning Operating System (CATS)
• Production, marketing and sales of lightning products and services in Europe
• Service operator for the French market and the EUCLID European Network
• Management of turnkey projects for Lightning Detection Networks.

Using its own lightning detection network, Météorage is serving end users in the French, Swiss, Belgian and UK markets with a large range of products and services for lightning risk prevention such as Lightning data processing and display software, Alarm service, Remote Counter, Statistics…

In addition to Met services and utility networks, insurance and telcos, civil security and aviation control organizations Météorage is serving hundreds of customers in all industrial sectors.

Météorage is also addressing the worldwide market offering Lightning Detection Networks and service solutions to Hydro-Meteorological Organizations (with references in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Swaziland) or Utilities Network Operators (Austria, Italy and Tunisia) on turn keys basis. The scope of supply proposed by Météorage is intended to help a network owner extend the applications of its data to internal users and external customers, it ranges from marketing assistance to network design or data processing system procurement.

Météorage is able to take advantage of the GLD360 worldwide detection network operated by Vaisala in order to provide end users with dedicated data services.


  • Lightning data service : Over 1400 end-users in all fields of activity in France, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom.
  • Lightning detection network and lightning data processing solutions: Austria, Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Morroco, Swaziland.

Products and services

End-user products developed by Météorage include:

  • Lightning certificates, for insurance, fault and forensic analysis.
  • Lightning statistics producing maps, grids, contour and tabulated values for cities.
  • Lightning alarm to get warned when a storm approaches or leaves an area (for industrial site, recreational places, maintenance operations).
  • Real time web display to follow the storm’s displacement.
  • Lightning data terminal providing a fully functional tool to receive and store process lightning data and to correlate it with user’s assets and areas (for dispatching centers, data analysts, forecasters).

Lightning detection network owners can benefit from the knowledge of Météorage through engineering consultancy when there is a need:

  • To define needs.
  • Identify a measurement system.
  • Design a detection network.
  • Perform the sensor site selection.
  • Plan the network installation
  • Qualify and train the personnel.

Météorage offers its CATS lightning data product platform to lightning detection owner so they can distribute information to their internal users, make it available to the general public, and sell value added applications to professional customers.

Météorage can also propose market analysis to help target primary users, define a product range and prices, balance costs and revenues.

Based on our experience and practice with demanding customers, we can help with quality assessments to evaluate a network performance, to define metrics and operational procedures, to design redundant and fault tolerant systems.