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Founded in 1987, RHEA SAS is an engineering company specialized in the design and implementation of information systems dedicated to water resource management allowing:

– Real-time or delayed measurement of precipitations thanks to radar imagery.
– Flood forecasting.
– Real-time management of hydrographic networks.
– Ongoing monitoring of sewage networks.

RHEA SAS counts about 15 employees and mainly works in France and in the US for public authorities or companies holding public service delegation contracts such as  VEOLIA Eau, Lyonnaise des Eaux, etc.. RHEA SAS joined the KISTERS Group in February 2008.


Products and services


Hochwasser 2013 in Steyr, Österreich

is a software system that provides real-time measurement and short-term forecasting of rainfall on each square kilometre of a given area covered by radar hydrometeorology.

CALAMAR is a genuine decision-making tool, combined with probabilistic (risk indicator) or deterministic (rainfall flow) models. It enables accurate rainstorm forecasting.

Key advantages:

  • Precision: radar data calibrated using rainfall data from homogeneous zones,
  • Reliability: system chosen by flood prevention agencies in the most exposed Mediterranean regions.
  • Security: redundancy of radar data acquisition resources, detection of faulty raingauges,
  • Transparency: the procedure was patented in 1992; it is thus clearly described and has been the subject of many  publications.
  • Geared to operational requirements: CALAMAR forecasting enables sufficient anticipation of events to allow operational personnel time to respond (1-3 hours).
  • Many references in France (Flood Forecasting Agencies, Towns and Urban Districts, Départements, etc) and in the USA.


  • CALAMAR offers comprehensive and market-proven functions for the calibration of raw data and precise prediction forecasts.
  • During real time operation, every five minutes CALAMAR supplies the amount of precipitation fallen over a certain area.
  • Offline, CALAMAR can be used for detailed analyses of precipitation events. Results are shown in clearly-structured tables and graphs.


  • WISKI:


WISKI (Water Information System KISTERS) is a system co-developped by RHEA SAS and KISTERS. It supports you in managing measuring networks, data capture and evaluation in every hydrological field of application:e. g. urban hydrology, meteorology, groundwater monitoring, flood forecasting and alarming, water quality control, reservoir operation or dam safety. With WISKI your workload will fall and quality will rise.

Data capture, processing and archiving – all in one program!

The powerful KiTSM time series engine powers all desirable data processing operations in WISKI: automatic plausibility checks and corrections, aggregations, analyses, and forecasts. WISKI is capable of rapidly creating plainly understandable and directly useful results in clear graphs, tables and appropriately formatted reports.

Time series and meta data are maintained securely in a central database. Data access from remote workstations is subject to user management control, safety guaranteed.

Key advantages:

The advantages of using WISKI are obvious: it is a powerful, versatile and scalable data management system that combines security, reliability, modern technology and security of investment.


  • Monitoring Network Management
  • Management of various data and time series as well as their quality flags
  • Calculations, evaluations, statistics, reports
  • User administration
  • WISKI Explorer for easy navigation

Along with its self-developped systems, RHEA SAS, as a member of the KISTERS Group, can also propose other products dedicated to prevent risks and optimize water resource management:

ALARMMANAGER: central KISTERS application for information and message management in exceptional situations.
SODA: it is the allround solution for data acquisition, raw data storage and data dissemination.
BIBER: it is a discharge measurement application you can use both in the field and in the office.