Maîtriser l’énergie solaire pour mieux la valoriser


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Steadysun was created in 2013 by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) at the French national institute on solar energy (INES). The company is a member of INES.2S French energy transition institute.

Activities and fields of application

World-class player in the energy transition, Steadysun offers products and services to foster the integration of solar energy into electrical systems, while reducing the risks and the costs associated with weather variability.

The value provided by our services meets the needs of balancing electricity networks, minimizing power plants operating costs, securing solar energy trading portfolios and maximizing self-consumption.

The company supports many players in the electricity value chain throughout the life cycle of their projects: grid managers, developers of solar projects and energy management systems, solar asset managers, off-grid microgrids operators, energy traders & aggregators, research organizations.


As of today, the company delivers services to more than 1400 sites over 25 countries worldwide.

  • Africa: Sonabel (Burkina Faso), Urbasolar (Senegal), RMT Eiffage (Benin), IRESEN (Morocco), Juwi (Egypt), …
  • Europe: Gesternova (Spain), Engie Green (France), Verd (Greece), …
  • Latin America: TSK/Gensun (El Salvador)
  • Middle East: DEWA (UAE)
  • Asia: EDF Renewables (Indonesia)
  • Oceania: EDT Engie (Polynesia), TotalEnergies (New Caledonia), Enercal (New Caledonia), Juwi (Australia)

Products and services


Cloud and atmospheric observing systems

Steadysun develops autonomous all sky imagers for local and continuous observation of clouds and atmospheric conditions. The IoT system is composed of:

  • A fisheye camera (hemispherical visible sky images at high resolution)
  • Several meteorological sensors (radiation, temperature, PV soiling, …)
  • An on-board industrial PC (Edge AI) and 4G router (Cloud computing)


Perfectly adapted to extreme climatic conditions, it is a state-of-the-art solution for solar forecasting needs for the next few minutes as well as research applications in atmospheric sciences.

Energy and weather forecasting

Steadysun delivers operational forecasts in SaaS (Software as a Service). The forecasting system is based on a hybrid approach combining numerical models with satellite/on-site data and artificial intelligence. The different services cover:

  • Solar radiation & production / Energy consumption / Weather conditions
  • Time horizons from few minutes to several days ahead / Worldwide coverage / All sizes of installations and aggregations

Energy and weather consulting services

Steadysun carries out various studies related to the integration of renewable energies into electrical systems. These services are mainly proposed during the project development phase and include the following topics:

  • Solar resource and energy yield assessment
  • Evaluation of the benefits induced by forecasting on CAPEX/OPEX
  • Optimal sizing of hybrid energy and storage systems
  • Support for electricity mix planning and the development of associated network codes