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WeatherForce was created in August 2016 by two experts from the Météo-France group on the basis of an observation: it is not normal, nowadays, that some countries still do not have access to weather information and that in others economic actors have access to a large amount of data but are not able to synthesize it to make the right decisions.

WeatherForce’s mission?

Co-create weather-intelligent solutions that can be operated worldwide.

It is not a matter of forecasting the weather, but of transforming data into operational solutions enabling immediate decision-making thanks to digitalisation.

An in-depth analysis of our clients’ activity (needs, objectives, usable data, etc.) enables us to co-create with them predictive indicators tailored to their needs.

  • Weather indicator: standard weather parameter customized according to the customer’s needs (forecast time, thresholds, geographical area…) and turned into information using weather intelligence.
  • Activity indicator: based on the modeling of weather data and data provided by the customer, in order to predict either the weather conditions that affect their business or the overall evolution of their activity.

 The technical implementation of our solutions relies on our collaborative weather intelligence platform, on which we store and process all the data necessary to develop our customized indicators. These can then be delivered to the customer via different access modes: dashboard, API, mobile application…

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WeatherForce offers its solutions to:

  • International companies with weather-sensitive activities, to help them in their decision making.
  • Local institutions, especially National Met Services, within the framework of PPE (public-private engagement). The aim of such a partnership is to develop a common offer deployed among the various local companies. and a fair and sustainable business model between WeatherForce and the partner institution.


Products and services

The solutions we co-create with our clients, in the form of weather indicators or activity indicators, can answer a variety of objectives. By using weather intelligence, WeatherForce can meet needs related to sales, marketing or agricultural production.

WiForCrop solutions are related to the agribusiness sector, with its often distinctive characteristics and expectations. WiForSales and WiForMarket solutions are multi-sectoral – they can just as easily be applied to cosmetics companies, retail companies, etc., as long as their activity is weather-sensitive.


Agricultural production, which is weather-sensitive by nature, involves a wide range of issues. Objectives can range from the optimisation of resources to the planning of activities in the fields to the prediction of key dates according to phenological stages. This is an area that requires a great deal of precision.


Weather can impact sales in many areas. For example, evidence-based weather data can be a major asset when it comes to supporting the sales pitch in order to increase the commercial impact. Another objective can also be to lead a network of distributors or to identify areas with high sales potential.


Sometimes marketing and weather are closely linked, if only when it comes to identifying and understanding the weather-sensitivity of products. The weather factor can also be useful when carrying out geolocalized campaigns and optimising the ROI of marketing actions. Indeed, being able to isolate and precisely quantify the weather factors impacting the business helps to improve the client experience, for example, through the provision of personalised advice.