National hydrometeorological services carry out extremely demanding public service missions in terms of consistency, reliability, responsiveness and operational continuity. They face increasingly specific demands from decision-makers and the public, particularly for the prevention and adaptation to climate change.

Faced with these challenges, Prometeo association facilitates international discovery of the best technologies and solutions of French industry, with world-renowned know-how.

Founded in 1984, Prometeo has given itself the main mission of promoting, internationally, French expertise in meteorology, hydrology and the environment.

It brings together under the same banner companies, each specialist in its field, which have already intervened in more than 150 countries.

The complementarity of its members allows a “one-stop shop” approach offering an appropriate response to all issues related to meteorology, hydrology and the environment.

The proposed solutions cover in particular:

• Observation, measurement and analysis equipment
• Information and alert systems
• Data services
• Project management and training

Prometeo organizes regular symposiums by geographical area. These events are aimed at national hydrometeorological services, but also at all weather-sensitive players: players in the environment, cities, agriculture, risk prevention for civilian populations, ports and maritime installations, renewable energies…

They enable local decision-makers to express their needs and expectations and to receive information, assistance and advice directly from companies with a view to establishing the basis for solid and lasting relationships.

In this international context Prometeo and its members look forward to meeting you very soon.