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Meteo France International (MFI) is a subsidiary of Météo-France, one of the most advanced National Meteorological Services (NMS) in the world.

The company was created in 2002, in a context of growing concern related to climate change and better management of risk. MFI’s mission is to export Météo-France’s solutions and know-how throughout the world in order to assist NMS better taking up challenges of the future in terms of forecasting, early warnings and climate services. MFI can also bring adapted solutions to other weather-sensitive entities such as Armed Forces, Aviation or Oil & Gas industry.

Located in Toulouse – France, with a staff of about 50 people, MFI is capable of intervening in all parts of the world and has, up to today, implemented efficient meteorological solutions in 109 countries.


MFI’s mission is to export Météo-France’s solutions and know-how throughout the world. Our offer relies on two main activities:



From collecting and transmitting observation data to delivering customized products to end-users, MFI‘s system offer covers the complete meteorological dataflow and responds to all the needs of a National Weather Service or any other weather-sensitive entity. Developed in complete autonomy or in relationship with Météo-France‘s experts, MFI‘s systems can be bought separately or as pieces forming a global and integrated meteorological ecosystem.


A national weather service is a complex organization that relies on highly technical systems in order to deliver the best possible services to its end-users. From early warnings to ensure safety of populations to support to major economic sectors through customized meteorological products, the missions of a weather service are numerous and highly strategic. MFI, with its unique positioning of turnkey project integrator, provides national weather services with the full range of systems and services necessary to carry out successfully a modernizing or a reinforcement meteorological project.


MFI‘s teams have a great experience in international projects. They are able to intervene throughout the world and have already carried out projects in over a hundred countries.


MFI proposes a full range of innovating information systems, developed in close collaboration with Météo-France’s experts for maximum relevance and efficiency.

MFI’s system offer covers all the needs of a modern hydrometeorological service in terms of telecommunications, data collection and processing, forecasting, warning, production and climate services. MFI’s systems are mainly web-based guaranteeing their sustainability and their ease of use / deployment countrywide. Besides, they are a 100% WMO and ICAO compliant, allowing MFI’s community of users to fully participate to the international meteorological scene.



TRANSMET is an automatic message switching system cluster.

Ideal to receive, check and forward meteorological data and products according to the WMO standards. For more information, consult our website: TRANSMET Presentation


OBSMET is a Data Collection System.

It collects, centralizes, encodes, disseminates and monitors all data coming from your automatic weather stations.
For more information, consult our website: OBSMET Presentation

  • CIPS – Central Information & Processing System

At the core of your information system, CIPS is a centralized solution to store and process your meteorological data.

CIPS stores and secures your data. It makes them easy to access. It also allows running Numerical Weather Prediction models. For more information, consult our website: CIPS Presentation

  • CLISYS – Climate Data Management System

CLISYS is a climate data management system.

CLISYS allows securing the meteorological heritage of a country and creating climate products (charts, maps, graph…). For more information, consult our website: CLISYS Presentation

  • SYNERGIE-WEB – Forecasting workstation

SYNERGIE-WEB is the ultimate decision-making tool for forecasting and warnings.

100% web-based and co-developped with Météo-France, SYNERGIE-WEB is a user-friendly workstation that will allow you to gather, visualize and add value to all your meteorological data.
For more information, consult our website: SYNERGIE-WEB Presentation

  • AEROMET-WEB – Pilot Briefing

AEROMET-WEB is a pilot briefing system.

AEROMET-WEB AEROMET-WEB is a pre-flight meteorological briefing system that automatically prepares and delivers sophisticated weather reports for pilots (including SIGWX charts, itinerary, etc.).
For more information, consult our website: AEROMET-WEB Presentation


METEOFACTORY® is an automated production system of customized meteorological products ans warning messages.

With METEOFACTORY®, improve your service capacity towards your end-users by providing them with products perfectly suited to their needs.
For more information, consult our website: METEOFACTORY® Presentation

  • VISUMET – Broadcasting System

With VISUMET, give visibility to your meteorological data.

Survol 3D, animations satellite, séquences filmées… VISUMET is a system that allows broadcasting meteorological information in a friendly way (3D fly-over, satellite animation…) on wide screens, in publics areas.


medleyWhen contracting with MFI, a National Weather Service is not only buying software, it is also acquiring all the related services that will make its global meteorological project a success.

From preliminary studies to implementation, MFI provides its customers with all the necessary expertise and support that will allow them to grasp all aspects of their project, whether they be technical, administrative, organizational, etc.


on technical issues: MFI carries out a Design Study which lays out all technical specifications for the project based on the customer’s needs and on-site surveys.
on organizational issues: implementing new systems goes along with new work methods. MFI assists its customers optimizing their organization and making the most of their new tools.
on communication issues: a modernizing project requires a real change management approach and needs adequate and specific communications in order to be accepted by all members of the organization.
on professional issues: MFI can rely on Météo-France‘s expertise in all fields of meteorology to provide its customers with consultancy on very specific topics related to their activities (for example early warning management, agro-meteorology, etc.)


Here lies MFI‘s core and unrivalled skill. Making sure that new systems integrate with each other and with existing equipment is crucial for the success of a meteorological project. MFI will make sure that the necessary IT infrastructure is available to host the new systems, that they take into consideration historical data and that all data flows run smoothly all along the meteorological process.


MFI puts a strong emphasis on taking its customers to a higher level of skill and expertise. We offer extensive training programs for all our systems but also on other meteorological-related topics (forecasting, climatology, numerical weather prediction, observation network management, etc.), or more transversal skills (change management, crisis communication, marketing, etc.). MFI works in close relationship with Météo-France. Our customers can thereby benefit from the expertise of one of the most advanced National Meteorological Services in the world.


Building strong and lasting relationships with all customers is a priority at MFI and we have come up with an extensive support offer. Once the guarantee period included in all contracts is over, we can provide our customers with a full range of further support services:

* technical assistance,
* monitoring of software and equipment implemented,
* additional training sessions, software upgrades, etc.

MFI can also provide its customers with additional tailored data flows such as global models (atmospheric, marine, etc.), post-processed satellite imagery or even specific customized models run on demand by Météo-France.