Real-time high-resolution rainfall

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The company Novimet® markets, on the basis of CNRS patents, an innovative tool (X-band radar and dedicated processing algorithm) for real-time high-resolution rainfall.


Thanks to its ability to measure and forecast short-term precipitation, Novimet® is the link between traditional weather forecasting and the territorial hydrological reality that managers (local authorities, administrations, companies, etc.) need to, depending on the case, secure people and property, optimize the management of their networks or improve the operation of wastewater treatment plants and sanitation networks. Novimet® technology finds other fields of application in the airport sector, agriculture, bathing water quality and events….

The Novimet® measurement chain distributes a fine map of rain (or snow or hail) at a time step of 5 minutes, with a range of 65 km, and can generate this same map, at the same time step, for the 2 h to come. It also allows the generation of alerts at the request of users, according to their criteria, on the basis of high-precision rainfall data (in time, duration, nature, intensity), either local or at the scale of basins. slopes.

Novimet® has already deployed its real-time, high-resolution hydrology and rainfall tool in France, Brazil and Asia.

It provides new solutions for different applications:


  • Urban hydrology with its stormwater management problems, in normal or crisis situations.
  • Rural hydrology for river hydraulics, flood forecasting or groundwater management.
  • Agriculture for farm management, advice to farmers.
  • Airports to better manage air traffic according to potentially dangerous weather events.



HYDRIX®: Hydrometeorological Radar System

The HYDRIX® weather radar offered by NOVIMET is a specialized radar for measuring precipitation.
HYDRIX® is an X-band, Doppler and polarimetric radar. In X band, the lobe opening of 1.5 degrees is obtained with an average antenna size (1.5 m in diameter). Thus the wind resistance (up to 180 km/h) of the positioner can be achieved without a radome.

The benefit of operating without a radome is twofold:
1 – If it rains on the radome, a layer of water forms and it induces a severe insertion loss and introduces a bias in the calibration of the radar. A hydrophobic paint on the radome is not a long-lasting solution as it loses its hydrophobic property after six months of outdoor exposure. Operating without a radome, the HYDRIX® radar avoids this major drawback.

2 – The radome significantly increases the total mass of the system and increases the infrastructure constraint and the complexity of the installation.
The offset-type HYDRIX® antenna has been specified for particularly low side lobes ( The radar mass of around 850 Kg is low. The radar fits into an existing infrastructure such as a telecom tower, a water, a grain silo or a roof.



The ZPHI® software implements three CNRS patents for which NOVIMET has the exclusive operating license. It takes advantage of the “double polarization” radar technique to extract the value of the rain intensity with unprecedented precision.


The features of ZPHI® are as follows:

  • Measure the intensity of the rain on the ground, with a precision better than that of a rain gauge.
  • Separate precipitation echoes from parasitic echoes (ground or sea echoes).
  • Distinguish the different types of precipitation (rain, snow, slush, hail).


RAINPOL® is a web platform allowing:

  • Perform specific processing on hydrometeorological radar data.
  • Visualize the data on a cartographic background.
  • To be configured according to the needs of the customer and the applications envisaged. For example, it can be delivered with a rain-flow model assimilating real-time precipitation measurements and delivering real-time flood forecasting information. If a customer wishes to implement new commercial applications, these can be implemented by NOVIMET. Revenue from these commercial applications can be applied to an overall system ROI.


RAINPOL® ensures the distribution of meteorological data in real time and in a format that can be integrated into your information system.